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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: thread locking within apr file io
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 21:18:55 GMT

> "Paul J. Reder" wrote:
> >
> > Greg Ames wrote:
> > >          It would be great if somebody could beat it up on a live
> > > non-FreeBSD system, and tell us what happens.
> >
> > I'll run it through my battery of abuse tests tonight. If it survives the carnage
> > then we'll be in good shape.
> After running the threaded mpm through a variety of abuse tests it seems
> to be running fine except in two cases.
> Startup, SIGWINCH, and normal request processing under a variety of loads
> run as expected.
> Problem 1:
> SIGHUP and SIGTERM take a few seconds to clear out the workers, then takes an
> additional 20 to 30 seconds to clear out the server processes. After the 20-30
> second delay it does what it is supposed to (restart or shutdown). I am looking
> into the reason for the delay. During the 20-30 second delay after the SIGHUP the
> server does not serve any pages until it restarts. Once it restarts, it performs
> normally.

Couldn't this just be a variation of problem 2?  Threads will not go away until the connection
closes. Could instrument the join code to see if it is worker threads hanging around.


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