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From Peter Moore <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] mpm_query_2
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2001 15:49:21 GMT
>You definitly have not understood the use of it.
>But that does not matter. I know you act like the APACHE
>2.0 police.

Even though i don't contribute code (yet) i think that you should really 
understand that there are people in this group who understand the way the 
core Apache works and they are not going to allow snippets into the 
repository just because you think your understanding of the world is better 
than the knowledge of the way that Apache works that the rest of the "major 
contributors" have. 

>I now start thinking that the MPM_TYPE should be an MPM_DESCR.
>and for what the ap_show_mpm goes it can use the mpm_query to
>provide the proper values. IMHO, the ap_show_mpm
>is a not wrapper around ap_mpm_query.

I have to disagree.....a description and type are a lot different....from 
what i have been looking at in the code anyway.
Peter Moore
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