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From Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <>
Subject Re: httpd-2.0/apr/apr-util Code Freeze
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2001 10:33:05 GMT
greg et al,

just to let you know.

i just had to set up, here, a second "partial tag", this time quite
a significant rewrite of my database modules and the way they're being
used in the project i'm doing.

i tagged just the, and files.

i then found whoops, a bug in the file that needed correcting
in both cvs main _and_ the tagged version.

so i corrected it in both - making sure that it _was_ exactly the same
correction in both.

the file _does_ also contain other modifications.

after performing a merge into cvs main with "cvs update -j dualdbdesign",
guess what?

no conflicts.

the only conflicts i get are in where i forgot that i had renamed a
function in one file and added extra arguments to the original _not_
renamed function.

... which is exactly the sort of thing you really _do_ need to catch as a

and during this time, guess what?

cvs main remained useable at all times.  if i had been asked to perform a
demonstration or to perform a release at any time, i would have been
confident enough to say "no problem", immediately.

hope this helps.


 ----- Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <> -----

"i want a world of dreams, run by near-sighted visionaries"
"good.  that's them sorted out.  now, on _this_ world..."

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