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From Blue Lang <>
Subject Re: Behavior Under Linux, Benchmarking Curves and Cry for Help
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2001 18:20:53 GMT
On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Stanislav Rost wrote:

> A little about the setup:  two P2-400's stressing another P2-400 with
> >400-500 concurrent ongoing downloads of large files at any given
> instant of time (so high concurrency levels are implicit).  Apache is
> directed to create at least that many threads on startup.

how large are the files? what version of apache are you using? why are you
using http to transfer large files? it's stinky at it.

if it's a 1MB file, you're out of bandwidth in .002 seconds (on a 100Mb
link) and apache will queue up the rest of your downloads and wait, wait,

> My other question is for anyone who has ever successfully benchmarked
> Apache under Linux and produced nice-looking graphs:  what system and
> web server parameters did you tweak to obtain high-stress results?
> What was your setup?

i've been able to maintain load avgs of around 230 on a late 2.3 kernel on
a celeron 433, pushing about 1300 reqs/second over a 100Mb switch. i was
using ab and a smallish (~3k) index.html. the only things i did were turn
off logging and set max clients to 255. i was experimenting with serving
files from RAM disks and loopback mounted file systems at the time, it was
nothing scientific.

anyways, that's 1,000,000 small requests every 10 minutes or so.  this was
probably with apache 1.3.12 or so.

on a really nice switch with a dual proc sun Netra, i was able to get
really close to 11MB/sec from an apache install tuned pretty much the same
way with very, very low load on the web server.

   Blue Lang                          
   2315 McMullan Circle, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA         919 835 1540

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