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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject scoreboard last_rtime/last_used not updated
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2001 20:27:26 GMT

In the scoreboard records, there are two fields which aren't being updated
at all.  (The are last_rtime in the parent record and last_used in the
server record... the former is supposed to be used when OPTIMIZE_TIMEOUTS
is defined, the latter when it's not.)

In fact, a recursive grep reveals that they're never even referenced
except for their definition in scoreboard.h and in the ExtendedStatus
section of mod_status.c.  They are both time_t's (should be changed to
apr_time_t's, I'd imagine).  The end result is that the ExtendedStatus
gives a completely bogus SS (seconds since last request) field.  (It's
bogus in another way, in that it's using difftime() on an apr_time_t
value, but that's easy to fix.)

I'll work on this, but I need a little guidance on where these two fields
should be updated.  In the individual MPM's?  In scoreboard.c?


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