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From Dale Ghent <>
Subject Feedback: 1.3.x and USE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 18:59:29 GMT

A few months back, Victor Orlikowski posted his changes to the 1.3.x tree
that aimed to take care of a potential dead-lock when using
USE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT. I've been continuously running 1.3.18 (yes,
I know it wasnt officially released, but it was the first rev that I
compiled that had Victor's patch, and I wanted to continue running it so
that I can test it) for over a month now (continuous uptime, and under a
ample amount of load) and there have been no hanging accepts. 

Previously, I could expect Apache to lock up randomly twice a month and
have to be restarted when using USE_PTHREAD_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT.

Tested on Solaris 7/sparc, kernel 106541-12


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