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From Dale Ghent <>
Subject 2.0.15 SIGBUS in mod_autoindex?
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2001 20:23:39 GMT

I grabbed the 2.0.15 tarball from dev.apache and compiled with:

./configure --prefix=/local/apache2.0 --enable-info --enable-status
--with-mpm=threaded --enable-so

$OPTIM was set to -O3 on Solaris 8, latest patches.

I did some testing of large directory listings using my mp3 stash, and it
seemed that when accessing a directory with FanceIndexing turned on, the
child handling the request would die with a SIGBUS after doing the
readdir's (as seen in the attached truss output with the getdents64()

However, if I turned FancyIndexing OFF, the request would succeed and
there would be no SIGBUS.

And of course, there's no core file left over to pick through.

I wouldnt know where to look in the code for this... but there is a full
truss output of a (dying) child in action attached to this mail.


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