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Subject Re: Dual CPU usage with Win2000?
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2001 15:16:10 GMT

In a message dated 01-03-10 14:50:32 EST, Bill writes...

> If you are interested in continuing this discussion beyond this note, please
> lets do it off list to not bore everyone to death.

No need. I think you just answered the only thing I was really
curious about in this (final) response.
>  > All I wanted to know is if your 'observations' about Apache working
>  > with dual processors are JUST for IBMHTTPD or have you seen
>  > standard Apache work 'out of the box'?
>  There is not enough difference between the two to make a difference.  If I
>  observed it on one then it will be true on the other. And that is in fact
>  the case.

I will take 'And that is in fact, the case' to mean that you have actually
seen BOTH the IBMHTTPD version of Apache and standard 'out of the box' 
Apache running AOK on a dual processor machine. That's all I wanted to 
see clarified as per your original statement. It wasn't clear if you had
actually seen BOTH working or not.
>  FYI... the reason BUFF was changed is to accomodate SSL and the FRCA cache
>  (afpa.sys) on Windows.  FRCA on Windows implements it;s on network io API
>  that is semantically the same as sockets. It's an unfortunate condition
>  caused by not having access to the Windows AFD socket code.

I see. Thanks. 
I guess that would explain...

HANDLE hFH_not_used_by_IBM;  /* Windows filehandle */

I was wondering how HAVE_APFD tied in there.


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