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From Cynic <>
Subject RE: Apache regular expressions
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2001 01:12:59 GMT

I didn't mean I wanted you people do such a huge change in the 
1.3 cycle. :) Though I must admit PCRE (if I could just plug it 
in) would have saved me some headache caused by trying to grok 
mod_rewrite to see whether it could scratch my itch. Note that 
30+ hrs in front of a computer & 4 liters of coffee down the 
throat doesn't help to speed up the process either. :)

Anyway, I was just curious wheter there were any plans to use 
something along the power of PCRE in 2.0. I am very pleased 
it is used in the new httpd. Hurry up, guys, I need assertions. 


At 23:55 3.3. 2001, Lars Eilebrecht wrote the following:
>According to Cynic:
>>  It seems like the regexp library used in 1.3 doesn't know 
>>  assertions. Was it discussed to used something more powerful?
>>  PCRE comes to mind...
>-1 on changing the regex lib in 1.3
>+1 for 2.0 
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