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From Frank Griffin <>
Subject Re: Piplined requests in HTTP/1.1
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2001 22:35:33 GMT
Bill Stoddard wrote:

> Are pipelined requests really used?   The requirement that responses be sent
> back in the order the request was received -really- sucks wind.

It's a pain, but it makes sense given that there is no header which would
identify the request to which a response corresponds (there should have been, I

Anyway, I'm having to implement this in a proprietary comm server at the moment,
so I'll add my two cents.  I was planning on giving each request its own
sequence number and output queue, and as requests completed, I was going to
queue them in sequence.   The routine which adds a finished request would then
check the last response sequence number sent (starts at zero), and if the
response at the top of the queue had the next number in line, its output would
get shipped and it would be removed from the queue; this would continue until
the response at the top of the queue was not the next in sequence, at which
point things would be left until the next response got added to the queue, at
which point we'd check again.

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