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Subject bug(?) + docs patch & question
Date Sun, 25 Mar 2001 19:28:14 GMT
Hi --

I installed apache from the head of the CVS tree this morning (not the
2.0.15 tarball), and have seen some flakiness.  This is on SuSE 6.2 :

ed@ambient:~/apache > uname -a
Linux ambient 2.2.13 #1 Tue Nov 9 00:10:15 GMT 1999 i686 unknown

I'm using the default MPM (threaded) and I've seen the following occur
with the default set of modules.  The part which seems broken is
graceful restarts -- if I try that, I get a bunch of errors like the
following in error_log (one for each of the 8 children I've got):

[Sun Mar 25 11:00:08 2001] [warn] (9)Bad file descriptor: write pipe_of_death

Afterwards, bin/apachectl stop doesn't stop all httpd children (two are
left around); subsequent attempts to bind to the port fail 'cause there
are other processes still bound to it.  Is this a known issue/does this
affect others?  Possible a related issue -- when I use apachectl stop,
it includes one line which looks like the following:

[Sun Mar 25 11:43:31 2001] [warn] child process 31237 still did not
exit, sending a SIGTERM

Also -- the information in INSTALL about which modules would be enabled
by default didn't match what I found : mod_cgi and mod_status were not
included by default.  The former seems to be MPM specific, and it's
described in that way -- but I don't know about the latter.  Should
mod_status be disabled by default, or does it depend on the MPM
(perchild doesn't get it at all, as I understand)?  

I've attached a patch to fix a file in apache-site, which contains links
to the unofficial contrib stuff.

FYI -- I'm looking into writing a module to do limiting connections by
IP... I did something like this long ago, for Apache 1.2/1.3.  I'll be
happy to outline the approach I'd like to try, if anyone is interested.

thanks --


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