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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: build blues
Date Sat, 24 Mar 2001 11:28:13 GMT
Finished another wave of build changes.  I still have the following
left to do:

  * fix places where $(top_builddir) is being misused -- that variable
    is assumed by libtool to be the location of libtool/shlibtool.

  * APR's configure should be called first to define everything and
    generate an + in apr/include,
    since this will be needed by any program that wants to build
    from an installed APR library.  We might want to install the
    entire apr/build directory. *shrug*

  * modify all of the files to use the new $(variables)
    and INCLUDE_RULES instead of the bsd_makefile hack.

  * APR_ADDTO probably shouldn't be exporting variables -- this is
    resulting in many repeated parameters on compiles/links.

  * APR_PRELOAD should only be called by APR -- other configures
    should inline the (what is now APRVARS) and
    override whatever is in their environment.  It isn't safe to
    build APR clients with a set of compile and link flags
    different from those used to build APR.

  * Everywhere that we screw with CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc.,
    needs to be fixed so that we only temporarily modify them for
    tests and save ONLY the modifications in EXTRA_*.

  * The GNU Makefile standards need to be adhered to in all use
    of standard variables and target names -- right now we aren't
    even close (CFLAGS is often set with preprocessor defines and
    distclean is cleaning too much and extraclean is only defined
    within APR).  Likewise, the standard names like CFLAGS should
    be reserved for environment user-defined flags that can
    override any of the ones we create with configure (i.e., they
    must appear *after* the other variables on the command lines).

  * apr-util should be using apr's libtool and PrintPath, as should
    any distro that is dependent on apr.

  * move the rest of the non-standard build files to the build directory.

  * ./buildconf --disable-libtool    [making it an option]

  * fix dependencies so that they are created by configure


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