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From Ookhoi <>
Subject pipelining (was Re: prefork Vs Threaded -- Updated -- and Other Performance Notes)
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2001 10:14:28 GMT
Hi Bill,

> >   2. There's also an extra read on the request socket just
> >     before the httpd sends the response, and another after
> >     the logger runs; both of these fail with EAGAIN.  (I saw
> >     this with an HTTP/1.1 client that supports keepalives, so
> >     the last failed read was followed by a poll to wait for
> >     the next request on the socket.)
> I suspect this is from checking for pipelined connections. To the
> best of my knowledge, no browsers actually support pipelined
> connections but we take a performance hit each request checking for
> pipelined requests. Uuugh.

I believe mozilla supports pipelined connections. Under Preferences,
Debug, Networking it has a checkbox for Enable HTTP Pipelining. Or is
that not the same?


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