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From Simon Kirby <>
Subject Re: Apache VirtualHost design
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2001 20:04:03 GMT
On Fri, Mar 09, 2001 at 11:47:20AM -0800, Andrew Ho wrote:

> Have you looked at Apache 1.3.12 and up? They allow you to use the syntax:
>     <VirtualHost *>
>         ServerName
>         ...
>     </VirtualHost>
> This is super convenient and eliminates the IP managing annoyance. I think
> this would give you back the convenience that you are looking for.

Ooh!  This sounds good.

Hmm, but I can't seem to get it working.  Everything seems to come up as
the first VirtualHost (Debian Apache 1.3.14-2.1).

> SK>I don't see why this change to make requests _more_ dependent on IP
> SK>address was made, especially with HTTP/1.1 supposed to be _removing_
> SK>dependencies on IPs. The browser is _never_ going to send the wrong
> SK>name, so why not always host the name if available?
> To be fair, there ARE excellent reasons to need explicit binding to IP
> addresses. For example, if your machine is multi-homed and certain
> requests must be limited to certain networks.

Right, there are uses for the current implementation, but I don't see
them being very common.

> Note that in the case of where your whole machine need to be limited (I
> want to listen only on the private interface for example) you can use
> Listen to bind to an explicit IP, then <VirtualHost *> and at least reduce
> the occurrence of the IP to one spot. Also, if you're transitioning IPs
> you can spend one day with Listen * and then switch the Listen to your new
> IP after the switch is complete.

Hmm, yes.  It would just make things so much easier if all of our
huundreds of Cobalts, colocated servers, etc., could all accept
connections and work properly on multiple IPs without having to change
the configuration file.  Sigh. :)  The default behavior of Apache 1.2
was nice.


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