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From "Alexei V. Alexandrov" <>
Subject Apache process.
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2001 19:52:55 GMT
Hello everyone,

Actually  i  don`t  know  if  this is the right list, but i haven`t
found   a   better   to  ask this question. For each user i run a
copy  of  apache.  I  would like apache to be able to "register its
processes"  not  like  it  does,  but  in  the  following  way (for

httpd: Child:keepalive (httpd)
httpd: Master:wait (httpd)
httpd: Child:ready (httpd)
httpd: Child:write (httpd)

So when i do ps -aux or use top i can actually see what each apache
process  does.  Where  in  the code should i look to be able to programm
apache to do so.

Thanks  for  any  advice and sorry again if this question is not to
the right list.

Best regards,
Alexei V. Alexandrov

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