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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [Announce] Win32 Installer Repository
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 00:25:15 GMT

  I'm pleased to announce that Covalent is donating back my efforts to the
.msi based binary installer for Win32.  Please note it comprises not only the
blood sweat and tears of newsgroup testers who put it 'through the paces', but
Covalent's QA team.  Of course this comes with my ongoing committment to act
as maintainer for the Win32 installer.

  This 'project' will be used for both the apache-1.3 (as we did on 1.3.17) and 
for the httpd-2.0 distributions.  It will also be 'tagged' after we successfully
build the compiler for the particular version.  Therefore it was entirely silly
to stow it in both 1.3 and 2.0 trees, or either tree for that matter.

  Anyone interested in helping extend the installer can grab the httpd-win32-msi
repository.  It has been tagged once, APACHE_1_3_17_R1 for the release that sits
today in /dist/binaries/win32.  If you are interested in commit activity against
that repository, mail - this shouldn't become
extra email cruft for those who aren't interested in the Win32 install mechanics.

  I have great hopes for strengthening this installer through other contributors'
help.  One great feature would be allowing the user to choose a port other than
the default 80, and then verification that we can actually set up the accept 
socket against the server's name and selected port.  By then attempting to 
duplicate the socket handle, we will discover prior to installation that the user
suffers from a crippled winsock provider, such as Aventail Connect.



p.s. My sincere thanks to Covalent, for letting me devote so much of my 'work' time 
to revamping this support and allowing me to pass it back to the community.
Covalent SSL 1.5 for Apache, Windows NT/2000 edition was released without much fanfare
two weeks ago, and many of the improvements in this past month and a half come not only
from  the newslist and testers here, but especially Ryan Gilfillan, who's name you will 
be seeing more often in bugfix commits.  He's truly in the ranks of X-QA  (as in 
eXtreme Quality Assurance.  I can't slip anything past him :-)

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