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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] ap_r* model.
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2001 18:26:25 GMT
> > I think I remember gstein writing...
> >
> > > happen", but can only happen by a deliberate action of a module author.
> > > have to take special measures to get themselves in front of OLD_WRITE.
> > > don't have to take precautions against deliberate troublemakers; there
> > > too many other ways that a module author can screw things up.
> >
> > The problem isn't me as a module author, it is the other guy.  My module
> > may be fine, but what if there is another module that isn't.
> Here's the upshot.
> OLD_WRITE filter can be blown away not paying attention to filter ordering.
> r->bb can be blown away by anyone not paying attention to the request's own
> Which of these is harder to debug ?!?  Harder to document ?!?  That's the
> [We aren't talking about buckets here guys... the -brigade- is that stream
> is sent down the filter stack.  I have yet to be convinced we need more than
> per request.  As FirstBill and rbb point out, you just keep adding to it.]
> I see ordering problems as the hardest headache to debug.  r->bb misordering
> fairly straightforward - if you start misordering, the module _author_
messed up.
> If you have a filtering problem, the user will have some impact on filter
> That means they can create a problem.  If it's a choice between the module
> and the end user creating bugs, I'll take the author's bugs any day.

I'll pose the questions that are most important to me...  I ship a binary only
copy of a server based on Apache 2.0.  My customer may add their own or third
party modules to the server.  What do they  (and the third party module
authors) need to know to not screw up?  I voted for r->bb initially based
largely on design purity and philosophy but I am still listening to the
arguments and may switch based on Greg's comments.  Which is the most fool
proof in the common cases?  What are the common cases (filter to add a custom
header? filters to do transcoding?, content generators?).


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