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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Re: apache 2.0.11 - tag 2.0.12?
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 12:10:02 GMT
FWIW, peter Moore has just sent me more detail on the problem that BeOS
seems to have with large files, and it looks like 1.1 has a problem whereas
1.0 is fine.  Could be related to Brian's issue.  I've asked him to follow
up with more detail, but his email is if you want to talk

The file that's barfing is the large image on

Of course, given that both peter and Brian are in Australia, maybe it's just
a southern hemisphere thing :)


> Can you give me a sample set of request headers to try to duplicate this?
> I've tried it with a 128KB file with MMAP and SENDFILE both turned off
> using HTTP/1.1 with and without chunking, and it still works on Linux.

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