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From "" <>
Subject Re: apache 1.3.19 and Redhat 7.0 pb
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2001 16:39:09 GMT
>> + elif ./helpers/TestCompile lib db1 dbm_open; then
>> + # For Red Hat 7
>> + DB_VERSION='Berkeley-DB/1.x'
>> + DB_LIB='-ldb1'
>> + CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -I/usr/include/db1"

>What makes you think that the includes for -ldb1 are found
>in /usr/include/db1 ? 

The patch submitted will allow Apache 1.3.19 to be built under Redhat 7.x
systems. I used it to build on my Redhat 7.0 and I'm sure that Redhat boys 
will use something similar in their next RPM.

>Shouldn't we solve this one in a generic
>way, i.e. look for both libdb1.* AND include/db1/ (possibly in
>/usr/include/db1, as in RH7, but possibly in
>/usr/local/include/db1/, as one one system I have here) ? 

I totally agree with the generic strategy.

But in the interim why not adding that to CVS ?

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