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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject The Ring Goes South
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 22:58:35 GMT
Hrmm... Here it, .17 has been out a handful of days and, realistically,
we should consider a .18 to fix the fix of the fix :)

Why so soon? Why not keep .17 with a recommended patch??? One big
reason: 2.0b1

In my opinion, we need to do 2 things, and soon: (1) Have a robust
and reliable 1.3 build that can last for months and (2) get 2.0b1
out the door asap. Obviously, the latter somewhat depends on the

Not only that, but I'm sure we've all seen the Netcraft reports...
I see a trend. A non-optimal trend. A trend which 2.0 would go
a *long* way in reversing.

The fact is, it's time for 2.0. 1.3 has been a solid and reliable
workhorse, and we should make extra sure that it's the *absolute*
best it can be. But it's also time for 2.0 to come on the scene.
We need a beta out, and soon. As soon as next week. And this will
be a *true* beta; people should expect segfaults, core dumps
and just weird behavior. But getting a *beta* out says a lot.
It says "this is what 2.0 is *really* going to look like." And
it stops the 2.0 from being a playground or sandbox for things
to be added whilly-nilly. It *causes* a mindset change, one which
we need if we have any intention of 2.0 being a reality.

Therefore, I'd like to *strongly* recommend that we get .18 out early
next week and 2.0b1 around the same time... Even though we aren't
pushed by markets and all that other good stuff, the truth is that
we have a community depending on us, and sometimes you get to the
point were it's "either shit or get off the pot."

'Course, I'm not sure I like the logical progression of the
analogy :) :)
   Jim Jagielski   [|]   [|]
          "Casanova will have many weapons; To beat him you will
              have to have more than forks and flatulence."

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