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From James Sutherland <>
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 17:18:33 GMT
On Thu, 1 Feb 2001 wrote:

> > I suspect the answer is 'it depends on the OS'.  Apache 1.3 does not mmap files
under a certain
> > threshold size (a few thousand bytes if I recall).  Sendfile on Windows is very
efficient (by
> > Windows standards :-) even for very small files, especially when you can do the
'reuse the accept
> > socket' trick. Worth investigating on Unix for sure.
> Again, it isn't the sendfile call that will hurt us.  If that is all you
> measure, you will miss the problem.  The problem is the small packet that
> is going to be sent.  That is not a fast operation on any platform.

Yes. If I have some spare time, I might try doing some benchmarks of this.

Incidentally, does anyone know if a writev() will combine the chunks into
large packets, or send each section individually?? If the latter, using
mmap()+writev() would avoid this problem completely...


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