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From <>
Subject Re: How-to-release document
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 15:30:03 GMT

I haven't read the document, but I can tell you that it is already
hopelessly out of date for 2.0.  I updated it a while ago, but since then,
i wrote the script to do the roll for us.  BTW, the same script could
easily be used for 1.3 with a few minor mods.  Look in

The current release steps for 2.0 are:

cvs co httpd-2.0
vi httpd-2.0/include/ap_release.h   (bump the numbers)
cvs commit
cd httpd-2.0/srclib
cvs co apr apr-util           	(these will go away as soon as APR does
				their own releases)
cd ../../
cvs tag APACHE_2_0_*
cd ..
rm -Rf httpd-2.0
~/httpd-site/httpd_roll_release APACHE_2_0_* log_file_name rbb

cp httpd_2_0* /www/


I am hoping to completely remove everything before running the script.


On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Martin Kraemer wrote:

> Here's a proposal for the http://dev.apache,org/how-to-release.html
> document: would you think it could be useful if the paths which are
> mentionend in the document were actually links into the respective
> web-visible locations? I patched the document and added the links,
> see
> but I wonder if the usefulness outweighs the increased maintenance
> cost (and readability?).
> Please have a look and judge for yourself.
>    Martin
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