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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: Apache SIGTERM with mod_php and libstdc++
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 16:40:39 GMT
> I've got Apache (1.3.17 + mod_ssl 2.8.0) SIGTERM when using a php 4.04pl1
> and mod_php 4.04pl1 with sablotron and pspell.
> There are both present as extension loaded via php.ini.
> If I remove sablotron (or pspell), apache with mod_php4 start and works
> correctly.
> The problem DIDN'T appears when using php in standalone ....
> It seems that Apache got a problem when loading more than one external
> modules using libstdc++.
> I've got a similar error when trying to run apache with the mod_xslt from
> Xalan-C Project....
> Thanks for any help or informations

I think you are hitting the known glibc-2.1.x bug which rears its ugly
head when you have an executable which is not linked against libpthreads
which does a dlopen() on a shared library which is linked against
libpthreads.  If you simply link your httpd against libpthreads it should
sort itself out.  ie. LIBS=-lpthreads


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