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Subject Release tag names
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2001 16:04:34 GMT

This is to get some closure on stuff.  We started a discussion last week
about how to name the release tags.  Some people like a sequential minor
number, others (myself included) wanted to use a date string.

I have tagged two different releases, one with each method.  I have to say
that using the minor number makes things easier.  The problem is the
tarball and directory names.  If we use dates, then the tarball becomes
httpd_2.0_2001_02_11, if we use a minor number, then it is httpd_2.0.10

The second is easier to type (although the script does all that for us),
and it matches what we have been using for years.

The second half of this is the process that we use.

Here is what I have now:

( cvs co httpd-2.0; cd httpd-2.0/srclib; cvs co apr apr-util )
cvs tag APACHE_2_0_XX

~/httpd-site/httpd_roll_release tag_name logfile_name [user_name]   
{ This will prompt for your PGP password }

chmod 644 CHANGES httpd_2.0.XX.tar.*
cp /www/
chmod g+w /www/*

This makes it available for general testing.

Once a level has been decided upon, this will need to be re-rolled using
the following steps:

Modify the Announcement in httpd-site to taste.

( cvs co httpd-2.0; cd httpd-2.0 ; cvs co httpd-site/Announcement ; \
  cd srclib; cvs co apr apr-util )
Modify httpd-2.0/include/ap_release.h
	RELEASE_TAG should be b1, a10, 0

~/httpd-site/httpd_roll_release tag_name logfile_name [user_name]   
chmod 644 CHANGES httpd_2.0.XX.tar.*
cp /www/
chmod g+w /www/*

For people to test again.
Then the tarball gets put into /www/, and all the
.htaccess and make the announcement.

This is markedly better than the process used to be.  However, the double
tag and roll kind of sucks.  My problem is how we get around doing the
double tag and roll, but still get the Announcement in the tarball (I
could live without this), and update the server-string (I am very much
against not doing this).

Thoughts, comments, critisms?


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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