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Subject Re: Release Strategy
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 14:57:37 GMT

> > This is fine, but again, how do we get the server string to be correct
> > then?  That is the one piece I am missing.  We can't generate that string
> > as a part of the tag process, and leave it out of CVS, because then you
> > can't just checkout a version of CVS and get the alpha, beta, GA
> > version.  We can't change the value when tagging/rolling, because we won't
> > know what to change it to.
> > 
> Hmmm... Well, one thing for sure is that "releases" come with
> configure, whereas betas and alphas don't. This implies something
> in the buildconf process. The way PHP does it, IIRC, is to create
> a sep file called php_version.h at ./buildconf (set in
> time, which is then used as the "version" string. Still, that doesn't
> close the loop... 

That makes this more complex, not less.  :-(  This means that tagging and
rolling differs between the two.  See my last mail, I believe I have
suggested a simple procedure that solves all of these problems, and is
similar to other Open Source projects.  We may as well learn from those
who have done this before.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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