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Subject Re: Release Strategy
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 14:55:19 GMT

> > Well, one major problem is that our own internal numbering system
> > at present "leaks" into our official release version number...
> > Tags with date stamps (APACHE_2_0_0_FEB_02_00) seem like
> > good ideas, as anyone has had to deal with "now what date on
> > 4-2-STABLE is OK?" knows :)
> There is no "leakage" because there is no internal vs external numbering.
> The next time we tag/roll, it should be called 2.0.1. The time after that,
> it will be 2.0.2. etc.

There are two numbering systems remember.  The first is what we show the
outside world.  The second is in ap_release.h, and it does leak between
alpha, beta, and release.  This number is currently called
APACHE_RELEASE.  If we are going to get rid of this number, we need to
decide that.

> The point is to get away from the notion of 2.0(alpha,beta,your-mom) type
> numbering and just start zooming through the numbers. It will make the
> process much easier.
> Want a comparison? Did you try installing Linux kernel 2.3.1? How about
> 2.3.2? hehe... I didn't think so. But a number of people *did* install them
> somewhere around 2.3.51 (IIRC) as that was relatively stable compared to the
> rest of them.

Yeah, but that was a dev tree.  I would have a lot less trouble doing this
if we had a dev tree and a stable tree.  I believe that is where we are
headed, but that is going to require the new CVS tree to be added.

So, what if I do this today?

create httpd-2.0-stable cvs tree on deadalus.  Work continues on
httpd-2.0, when we tag and roll, the tarball goes to

When the tree looks good, we make sure the stable tree is in synch with
the tarball rolled (should be a simple diff and merge step, easy to do
with CVS), and change the values in ap_release.h, then we tag and roll the
real tarball from the stable tree.

The merge step could be done once a week, but it would have to be done
manually.  It is acceptable (although strongly discouraged) to break the
httpd-2.0 build for any system.  It is absolutely not allowed to break the
httpd-2.0-stable build at all.  This means that the merge needs to be done

What this also means, is that the httpd-2.0 tree is only frozen for the
ten minutes it takes to tag the tree, I only suggest that, so that CVS
doesn't get screwed up.  If we know that we can tag in the middle of
somebody committing, then this freeze isn't required.  The
httpd-2.0-stable tree is frozen always, but a merge from httpd-2.0 is
allowed at any time, assuming the feature is fully tested in httpd-2.0.

> [ there is an open issue for Roy to describe: what is the mechanism for
>   sequencing the numbers within CVS and/or the tag/roll process; and your
>   implicit question of where to record tag/roll symbols and dates ]

The above process would also solve this problem.

Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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