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Subject Re: Release Strategy
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 14:36:18 GMT

> > As I understood Roy (and agree with this): we tag and roll continually.
> > There is no separation of that step.
> > 
> > The characterization of the release is what changes. Every tag/roll spits
> > out a tarball to work with. If it is reasonably stable, then we call it an
> > alpha. If it is good stuff, we call it a beta. etc.
> > 
> > Calling it alpha, beta, whatever, comes after the tag/roll/test/whatever
> > process.
> Yeah... agreed.

This is fine, but again, how do we get the server string to be correct
then?  That is the one piece I am missing.  We can't generate that string
as a part of the tag process, and leave it out of CVS, because then you
can't just checkout a version of CVS and get the alpha, beta, GA
version.  We can't change the value when tagging/rolling, because we won't
know what to change it to.

Currently, we have these steps together, which is part of what
necessitates knowing if this is going to be an alpha before we start the
process.  If you can figure out how to get that server string correct, I
am 100% in favor of doing the whole tag and roll once a week, but I
couldn't figure that one section out.


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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