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Subject Release Strategy
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 01:45:53 GMT

I have begun to use the release strategy that Roy proposed.  What this
means for the future, is that I will be tagging the tree once a weekend
for a long time.  :-)  I will tag it on the weekend, when I have time, and
the most I will ever ask for is a thirty minute code freeze, just long
enough to check out the code, and lay down the tag.  If anybody else wants
to take responsibility for the tagging, just ask.  We may be best server
by just having somebody run a cron job every week.  Thoughts about that?

I would like us to reach a consensus on the naming scheme we will use, and
how this will work going forward.

Here is my opinion, and I would really like comments.

1)  In release.h, we don't modify the AP_SERVER_BASEREVISION macro until
the tree has been accepted.  Once it has been accepted, we check out the
tree again using the tag, modify that one file, and re-tag the tree.  I
don't believe that will cause any problems, but CVS experts should check
my logic there.

2)  For the tag names, I dislike the tag I used this week.  I believe that
in the future, the tags should be the date in a format like:


This allows us to immediately identify the version of the software we are
using, and know a lot about it.  Most of us have a reasonable idea of what
the code looks like, so using dates should make it much easier for us to

3)  Once a tree has been accepted as being of release quality, I would
like to see us tag the tree with APACHE_2_0_Beta_1_STABLE or something
like it.

4)  I also plan on creating a script that will live in the Apache web
site, which will automatically checkout a specific tag, and roll the
actual release.  That script will be created next week sometime, and it
will be used to roll the first actual beta release.  This will make it
much easier for people to do the rolling.  When I create that script, it
is possible I will need to change the layout of some of the files, I won't
know until I try to create it.

That's it.  Comments?  Thoughts?  Critisims?

Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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