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Subject Re: interim release strategy
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 15:13:41 GMT

>    3) nobody talks about releasing something until after it has
>       been built and tested;

I dislike this.  IMHO it is a good thing for us to shoot for
releases.  Without something to aim for, we could all be going in
different directions.  I really want to see everybody aiming at the same
general thing.

>    4) nobody freezes the tree -- if it so happens that the tree is
>       screwed at the point it was tagged, we just keep going;

I also dislike this.  A code freeze is a useful tool.  It allows us to
stabilize quickly, because we are stopping adding new features.  At the
very least, we must have feature freeze, and I would hope a thirty minute
freeze for the actual tagging would be acceptable.

> Right now I'm midway through replacing buildconf.  I was planning
> to get it all done this week and tag something this weekend, but
> a long-time friend has decided to surprise me with a visit this
> weekend.  Ryan, feel free to tag the tree and build a tarball
> this weekend as soon as you think it should be done (after all,
> it only needs to be better than the last time we tagged).  We
> can update the nomenclature later.

I may tag this weekend, or I may not.  I would really like to see more
people comment on this approach, and make sure it is where we want to
go.  I am also going to get home tomorrow at around 1:00, so I will most
likely want to spend Saturday with my wife.  So if I tag, it will be


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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