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From Koen Holtman <>
Subject Re: Language Negotiation: "No Acceptable Variant"
Date Thu, 08 Feb 2001 23:42:36 GMT

On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, Joshua Slive wrote:

> So that is two suggestions:
> 1. Find a way to provide ErrorDocument with enough information so that
> webmasters can customize the "No Acceptable Variants" message.  This could
> also be useful for mod_speling.
> 2. Add a "FallBackLanguage" directive to use when negotiation fails.
> These directives could be combined such that ordinary content gets the "No
> Acceptable Variants" ErrorDocument when negotiation fails, but the
> ErrorDocument itself is subject to the FallBackLanguage directive in case
> it can't find a good language.
> And possibly:
> 3. Change the default text of the "No Acceptable Variants" page to be
> a little more friendly, at least in English.
> Unfortunately, I don't know this code nearly well enough to even start
> implementing this stuff.

If I recall correctly, the message under 3. above is hard-coded in
mod_negotiation, and it will be fairly trivial to hard-code some
additional english text in it.

I think that 2. Add a "FallBackLanguage" directive is a good enough idea
that, if there is some wider consensus here that this directive would be a
good thing to have, I am volunteering to code up a patch for it (I think
this would take me a day of work).

I know too little about Apache internals to guess how much work 1. would


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