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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: apr/include apr_time.h
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 00:42:01 GMT
--- Greg Stein [] wrote:
> >    static void show_time(request_rec *r, apr_interval_time_t tsecs)
> apr_interval_time_t is in microseconds, not seconds. This is still an
> inappropriate type here (semantics-wise). OtherBill will be upset :-)
> Using an apr_uint32_t, like FirstBill had, was a good choice.

This commit missed the step of moving the conversion from microseconds to
seconds into show_time() (ie, tsecs SHOULD be in microseconds).  Make that
change, and the usage of the type should be consistent.

Or use an apr_uint32_t.  I'm guessing the hesitation with using that was
that it's a meaningless type... hell, whatever works.


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