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From Cynic <>
Subject Re: Server directives
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2001 22:35:12 GMT
what about ThreadsPerServer instead of ThreadsPerChild?

At 23:31 13.2. 2001, Bill Stoddard wrote the following:
>I would like to make the prefork and pthreads mpm config directives agree
>with each other a bit better. Here is what we have today:
>MaxClients - max number of processes created
>MaxClients - max number of processes created, which is nonintuitive
>I would like to settle on the following:
>StartServers  (servers are 'threads' in the mpmt_pthread MPM and 'processes'
>in prefork)
>MinSpareServers (ditto)
>MaxSpareServers (sameo)
>MaxServers (replaces MaxClients and the use changes to max threads for
>pthread and max processes for prefork)
>ThreadsPerChild - applies only to threaded mpms.
>Any objections or comments before I start?
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