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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: httpd-2_0_11-alpha.tar.*
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2001 18:58:55 GMT wrote:
> I would like to move these to, and continue to call
> them an alpha.  I believe at this point, we have very high quality code
> that could be called a beta.  However, we know that there are 2 bugs in
> this tarball, so it is really an alpha release.
> 1)  mod_status seg faults

Actually, I think the seg faults were introduced *after* the tag, i.e, I
think mod_status is OK in the tarball.  I can check the tarball in a bit
to be sure, if it matters.  If 2) was the only know bug, would that
change the status of the current tarball?

> 2)  mod_include doesn't work on systems without MMAP.
> I would like to do the MPM rename and APR-ization, today,

+1 on the rename, please measure before commiting the APR-ization. 
Remember ab. (I'm open to pleasant surprises though.) 


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