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From "Paul J. Reder" <>
Subject Re: [Patch]: Update of the code to move cgi stuff from mod_include to mod_cgi(d)
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 15:37:17 GMT
Ben Laurie wrote:
> BTW, one minor criticism: it is eccentric (though not incorrect) to
> fetch a pointer to your own optional function, as mod_include does in
> this patch!

This was done intentionally. I felt it was a good idea to use the method I
expected others to use so that 1) there was an example of how other code
is expected to use mod_include's functions (even if cgi stuff changed)
and 2) provide a constant test of the current code status (i.e. if it gets
broken in the future, mod_include is the first to know about it - regardless
of whether cgi or other users are installed or not).

It didn't seem to be a performance hit and thus seemed to be more win than

Paul J. Reder
"The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each
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