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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: SSL support
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2001 16:34:48 GMT wrote:
> > However, I've immediately hit a problem - SSL requires the ability to
> > write when its reading and read when its writing, if you see what I
> > mean. Now, I really wanted to slot it in as a filter, which means that
> > the read filter has to be able to send stuff to the write filter chain
> > (well, insert stuff, more to the point) and vice versa. I can't
> > immediately see how that's possible, if it is at all. Is it? Should it
> > be?
> I don't understand what you want to do.  Do you want to write something to
> the socket as you are reading, or do you want to setup some data to be
> written as you start to write the output?
> If the latter, just delay inserting the output_filter until you are in the
> input filter, and then you can insert the output filter with a ctx pointer
> that has the data you want to write.

Unfortunately, its the former :-) And vice versa (hmm ... just possibly
we can get away with not doing this variant, actually). And it goes on
all the time, not just at startup.

> > A fallback position would be to replace the bottom (i.e. socket) layer,
> > but I'd rather avoid that if I can - however, if the answer to the above
> > is "forget it", then I guess I need to know how one does that (I haven't
> > looked, so just kick me if its obvious).
> One doesn't.  :-)  It should be perfectly possible to create an SSL module
> that is a filter.

That's what I want to achieve.




"There is no limit to what a man can do or how far he can go if he
doesn't mind who gets the credit." - Robert Woodruff

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