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From Jean-Philippe Bouchard <>
Subject [PATCH] (mod_log_config.c): to log in client timezone
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2001 17:20:58 GMT
Hello everybody,
	I'm new to as of a few minutes ago. I'm also new
to the apache API. I wrote a patch yesterday to be able to do 2 things:
1) have apache log in the client timezone
2) have apache log in a logfile named according to the day in the client
	In order to do so, I changed the CustomLog directive to take a new
optional parameter that I call TZ=. So, now CustomLog takes RAW_ARGS
instead of TAKE23. I also modified the processing of the log file name
so that it will accept optional strftime converstion specifiers. Here is
an example of the new usage of the CustomLog directive:

CustomLog /usr/local/apache_mm/logs/icuser1/%Y/%m/%d-%m-%Y.log common

	By restarting apache every hour, we can have it switched log files
automatically according to the client timezone.
	Would this new feature be actually useful in general?


P.S.: I tested the patch and it seems to work but there are possibly
bugs in it as I am quite new to the API.
Jean-Philippe Bouchard            
Sitepak -              
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