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From "Jeremy M. Dolan" <>
Subject non-recursive AddDescription?
Date Sat, 24 Feb 2001 05:31:15 GMT
Is there any way to set up non-recursive descriptions for autoindex?
I've even tried inclosing in '<FilesMatch ".">' and similar hacks.

I'm trying to add descriptions some files in .htaccess's, however all
of the recursive effects are very much unwanted. For example, giving
'/foo' a desciption of 'bar' also gives any file with 'foo' anywhere
in its name a desciption of 'bar', in any directory, unless that file
has it's own AddDescription to override the recursive effect (which is
generally not the case, in my setup).

Is any mechanism available in 1.3.x to do this?

Jeremy M. Dolan <>
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