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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject threaded MPM and the signal thread
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 23:16:03 GMT
(this is sort of a brain dump; problems are piling up on my desk and
I'm not keeping up; I'm not sure what this post will change but maybe
somebody knows what is going on)

watch out non-Linux-ers...

Since the signal handling was moved around in the threaded MPM, on
Tru64 and AIX the child processes are looping somewhere and they don't
respond to SIGTERM.

With Tru64, I played with the signal thread code with varying
results.  With unmodified code sometimes the signal function loops
because sigwait() is returning EINVAL.  I don't know whether or not
that was the only busy loop.  I modified the signal thread code to
create a signal set with only SIGTERM and SIGINT in it and that made
the child processes respond to SIGTERM properly.  The modification
didn't stop the abnormally high CPU consumption.

With AIX, making that modification didn't help any.

On both platforms I see the "server reach MaxClients setting" a few
seconds after startup, but no requests have been issued yet.

I don't understand exactly what is happening on either system.  I'm
missing a truss/strace-like program on both systems and don't know
what it would tell me about threads anyway.

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