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From "Philippe M . Chiasson" <>
Subject [mod_proxy] Help offered
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 00:03:06 GMT
Hi, I've been following the current mod_proxy thread and there are a few
contribution I'd like to make.

First of all, I am an avid follower of new-httpd but I think this is my
first post, so my apologies if I step on anybodys toes.

I think the whole discussion makes a lot of sense.  There are some modules
in the core httpd distro (mod_proxy, mod_rewrite, mod_negociation, etc) that
are pretty big and almost have their own development cycle.  And if it
slows down or even stops the release of a new httpd release, I think it's
pretty clear they should belong in their own repositories.

My interest in the mod_proxy discussion is because I had extensive experience
with it's internals as I had to alter it to proxy for a proprietary data 
storage/retrieval system we are stuck with.  

I know of at least 2 very different uses for the mod_proxy module currently.
The first one is to act as a caching HTTP proxy, but the second is to make a
lightweight doc server proxy some requests to a heavyweight server (mod_perl).
There 2 jobs share some common code/functionnality but there are also quite

I think it would be wise to consider splitting these 2 tasks up to.

Anyways, am I officially offering my services to help out write some code.  I already
started writing a simple lightweight proxy module for the light/heavy server setup for
1.3.x a while ago.  

I guess I just don't want to end up with apache without a working mod_proxy that I really
need and use all the time.  I understand the past problem with 'official' maintainers coming
in and out, so I will not make the mistake of offering to maintain it.

Just figure out how it should be handled and I will happilly help out however I can.  I've
been holding out for too long.

P.S. Thanks for making a kickass httpd ;-)

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