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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: Release Strategy
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 18:04:10 GMT
Yikes, spend a day off-line and things just start flying.  My intention
was to tag the tree whenever some real person felt that it was worth
tagging.  -1 (non-veto) on cron-based tags.  -1 (non-veto) on date-based
tags.  Tags are cheap, but they aren't free (just look at some of the
older RCS files).

Like Greg and JimW said, the tag should be a normal three-part version
number.  The original intention of the last number was that it should
change whenever we did a build that was at all different from the
previous build.  That means the next version is 2.0.0 and we go
from there.

The alpha beta distinction should never be in CVS.  There are a couple
other things that need to be changed to make this possible, but they
are trivial.  Granted, I had no way for someone to checkout a tagged
revision and get the same exact server-string as that version built
by us, but I thought that was a good thing.  The only difference is
that the builder of the official version tweaks the definition
of one symbol in ap_release.h as part of the build script.  I'll show
you what I mean when I get back from lunch.

I don't just dislike CVS branches -- I know for a fact that they do not
work for major changes.  The CVS method of having all revision info
located in current repository files just doesn't work well for
extended branches.  The CVS log becomes crap to read, the RCS files
become fragile as hell, and the whole repository becomes much harder
to checkout and commit changes.  BUT this only applies to major changes.
Minor things like making a branch for a release work pretty well,
though I find them unnecessary unless development on HEAD is rapid.
In any case, the branch doesn't need to be made until after a
branch is needed -- we only need the version tag.

BTW, 1.3 is our STABLE branch.  2.0 is our CURRENT branch, and will
remain so until we decide it is more stable than 1.3.


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