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From Greg Stein <>
Subject just say no (was: Re: Release Strategy)
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 19:29:50 GMT
On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 11:29:28AM -0500, Padwa, Daniel wrote:
> > I like the separate repository, because it separates the two trees a bit
> > more.  I guess my question for you is how do you move a single change to
> > STABLE if there is another change in the same file that you don't want to
> > move to STABLE?  This would be possible if we branched the tree, but there
> > are a lot of people on this list who really dislike the idea of branching.
> I understand the aversion to branching, but you really don't have much
> choice.
> What you are talking about here is fundamentally a branch/merge operation.
> If you do it in separate trees, you wind up with the awkward situation of
> having a file at the HEAD in the stable repository that never existed in the
> dev repository (because of that intermediate delta).    To get back, you
> have to merge.    Or just copy over and wind up with a weird discontinuity
> in the history of your stable tree.
> Once you get used to the right CVS wizardry (cvs up -j -j is your friend)
> you can restructure the order of non-conflicting deltas so that branching
> doesn't have to happen that often.
> Given that you are stuck doing branches and merges, I'd think doing it
> within the repository will lead to less insanity than doing it outside.
> CVS's tools for branches are  pretty lame, but are (usually) better than
> nothing.

I completely agree. Separate trees is a total pain.

Note that the only file that is different is ap_release.h. Nothing else
changes (otherwise, we'd just punt and wait for the next tarball). So that
means that ap_release.h has a number of branch points. No big deal.

Also, we aren't creating a "real branch" but simply a fork in the revision
tree. There is a big difference between developing on a branch and having a in the revision history.

Certainly a lot simpler than two trees.

Ryan: wouldn't a simple fork on ap_release.h allow for the tweaked version
number to be in tree tree (allowing us to recreate versions). This is the
primary motivator behind your two-tree idea, right?


Greg Stein,

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