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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Fastest Webservers Was... Re: Concerns wrt Apache and SGI's patches
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 15:58:05 GMT

----- > > Fastest server I've ever seen was at Microsoft (it's not shipping).
It's all
> > in ASM and the outgoing response is generated in the network card's
> > interrupt handler and transmitted before EOIing the interrupt. The TCP/IP
> > stack and the server are integrated as device drivers.
> The IBM AFPA cache on Windows services requests on the DPC (Deferred
> Calls). One off from the interrupt thread, which is goodness imho for the
> reason you mention :-).  AFPA (aka FRCA) is part of the IBM HTTP Server
> powered by Apache on Windows (there is also an AIX version available).  I'd
> like to open source the thing but I doubt seriously it would ever garner a
> development community.  The TDI code is wicked complex.
> I had this fantasy once about putting Linux, TCP/IP and a kernel based
> on a PCI card, building a PCI back-plane to plug-in 100's of cards and have
> the whole shebang talk to a SAN. Throw in some management software and hot
> swappable replacement and you have the makings of a start-up company to host
> ASPs :-) Just a fantasy...

BTW, I have seen a webserver(?) on Linux faster than TUX.


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