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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Fastest Webservers Was... Re: Concerns wrt Apache and SGI's patches
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2001 15:52:21 GMT

> Fastest server I've ever seen was at Microsoft (it's not shipping). It's all
> in ASM and the outgoing response is generated in the network card's
> interrupt handler and transmitted before EOIing the interrupt. The TCP/IP
> stack and the server are integrated as device drivers.

The IBM AFPA cache on Windows services requests on the DPC (Deferred Procedure
Calls). One off from the interrupt thread, which is goodness imho for the
reason you mention :-).  AFPA (aka FRCA) is part of the IBM HTTP Server
powered by Apache on Windows (there is also an AIX version available).  I'd
like to open source the thing but I doubt seriously it would ever garner a
development community.  The TDI code is wicked complex.

I had this fantasy once about putting Linux, TCP/IP and a kernel based Apache
on a PCI card, building a PCI back-plane to plug-in 100's of cards and have
the whole shebang talk to a SAN. Throw in some management software and hot
swappable replacement and you have the makings of a start-up company to host
ASPs :-) Just a fantasy...


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