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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Problem found in perform_idle_server_maintenance on prefork.
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2001 13:32:15 GMT

----- > i'm pretty sure SIGWINCH is just the SIGUSR1 replacement right?  it
> the child to die as soon as is convenient.  so the process really only
> needs to die off after it's fully initialised.  if so then all of the
> above is avoided by using signal handlers in the only way they're safe to
> use:  to tweak a global variable.  (1.3's USR1 handler is almost that
> simple.)

Jeff Trawick made this same point yesterday in a hall talk.

> and actually that graceful die flag might as well live in the scoreboard.
> i can't remember why the graceful die flag doesn't live in the scoreboard
> in 1.3... maybe i just never thought of it.  hrm.  i bet i just didn't
> bother to move it there because 1.3 code had to be signal aware anyhow.
> you may want to move this to the scoreboard in 2.0 to eliminate the
> SIGWINCH in the children, it'll mean fewer potential problems with
> non-signal aware 3rd party code.



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