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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Fw: Bravo! Apache 1.3.17 on WinME!
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2001 05:00:54 GMT
>From the most troublesome Win32 platform ever created, thought some of you
might be interested [esp PHP folks];

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From: "Rev. Bob 'Bob' Crispen" <revbob@the.rectory>
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 11:33 AM
Subject: Bravo! Apache 1.3.17 on WinME!

> Congratulations to all the folks who labored on this release.  It must 
> have been a hell of a lot of work, and it was done brilliantly.
> How you managed to convince WinME that it could run a service (or 
> whatever it does) is a mystery, but I'm not questioning it.
> Three words of advice to newbies with Apache 1.3.17:
> (1) Apache doesn't show up in the ctl-alt-del task list on WinME, 
> though it does show up in WinTop and TaskInfo 2000.
> (2) Don't move PHP while you're setting up Apache until you figure out 
> number (1) above.  I spent a half hour trying to figure out what I'd 
> missed in the php3.ini and httpd.conf, starting and stopping Apache 
> manually through Brian Moon's Apache Manager, when all the time the 
> instance of Apache that counted had never been restarted and was 
> blithely pointing at the old location of PHP.  Eventually I got 
> suspicious and figured it out, and then I noticed the icons in the 
> Start menu staring me in the face.  Ah, well.  Even I wasn't dim enough 
> to miss what those start menu icons did.  Eventually.  ;-)
> (3) Apache 1.3.12 didn't require you to have MySQLAdmin running (or 
> something else that would start mysqld).  It ran MySQL just as well 
> without it.  This may have been an artifact of my formerly using 
> localhost as a hostname in httpd.conf.  Apache 1.3.17 requires mysqld 
> to be running, which I think is a good thing.
> I've run NCSA httpd and Apache for some years now on Unix boxes, but 
> until this version, Apache on a Windows box was pretty much a 
> curiosity.  And, though this improved through the years, it required a 
> learning curve to get it configured.
> But now I have no hesitation about recommending Apache 1.3.17 to people 
> who've never run a web server on their machines before.  It comes up 
> running right out of the box in a safe, conservative configuration, and 
> a beginner will have a perfectly satisfactory system even if he never 
> touches httpd.conf.
> This is a very good thing.  There are users out there who'll learn all 
> kinds of cryptic keyboard shortcuts and labyrinthine nested menus and 
> popups without batting an eye, but tell them to follow directions and 
> edit a text file, and they'll throw up their hands and say it's too 
> hard.  BTW, the installer's association of .conf and .log files with 
> Notepad is a very nice touch.  I wonder how many of the very people 
> I've been speaking of tried to edit httpd.conf in Word.
> I've never run Microsoft's Personal Web Server, but I can't imagine why 
> anybody would use it now.  It can't be easier to get running than 
> Apache.
> Congratulations again.
> p.s., if any of the Apache team are reading this, I'll give you some 
> code for apache.rc that will give you a nice version tab when you 
> right-mouse on the apache.exe icon in Windows Explorer and also shows 
> the version info in TaskInfo 2000 and perhaps some other utilities.  If 
> you think that might be nice to have, drop me a line at the address 
> below.
> -- 
> Rev. Bob "Bob" Crispen
> crispen at hiwaay dot net
> If a cow laughed, would milk come out her nose?

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