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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/support ab.mak htdigest.mak htpasswd.mak logresolve.mak
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2001 22:31:08 GMT
> wrowe       01/02/25 14:20:25
>   Modified:    .        Apache.mak libhttpd.mak
>                modules/aaa mod_auth_anon.mak mod_auth_dbm.mak
>                         mod_auth_digest.mak
>                modules/cache mod_file_cache.mak
>                modules/dav/fs mod_dav_fs.mak
>                modules/dav/main mod_dav.mak
>                modules/generators mod_info.mak mod_status.mak
>                modules/mappers mod_rewrite.mak mod_speling.mak
>                modules/metadata mod_cern_meta.mak mod_expires.mak
>                         mod_headers.mak mod_usertrack.mak
>                server   gen_test_char.mak
>                .        apr.mak libapr.mak
>                .        aprutil.mak libaprutil.mak
>                srclib/expat-lite expat.mak libexpat.mak
>                support  ab.mak htdigest.mak htpasswd.mak logresolve.mak
>   Log:
>     A patch to clean up much bogusity in Win32.  Eliminates absolute cd "/..."
>     references using build/, and the latest #if APR_HAVE_FOO_H
>     fixes apparently worked, now that they no longer appear as dependencies
>     [which had broken the build entirely.]

And that's all she wrote - the build builds again from the command line on Win32.

I can work on this another hour or two, Greg, if you want to break again for
expat-lite.  I'm actually not so 'against' leaving it in-place.  Here's my

Where are we going to check out apr-iconv for platforms that need it?  Some
directory buried in the apr-util tree?  As in mm?  I'm really thinking we want
to start bringing some of the -down- into srclib.  Sure ... they are the 'apr'
srclib's - not necessarily the absolute, latest package.  And should we find a
very useable package on the machine, then great, ignore them :-)

The nice part of the srclib\ solution, is that we simply do this:

cd srclib/
cvs checkout apr apr-util apr-xlate apr-mm apr-expat apr-blah apr-blah2 apr-blah3

Now obviously I'm not about to start checking out apr-mm at all.  I don't care.
You aren't about to start checking out apr-xlate - if it's already on your machine.
This saves everyone some update time, while providing a -single- cvs action to
bring down the requisite packages.



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