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From "Gomez Henri" <>
Subject Re: 1.3 & c++ DSO
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2001 00:00:23 GMT
>> "we have an Apache module that we use here.
>> It uses c++. so, on FreeBSD, the registers an atexit routine
>to perform cleanup.
>> we don't link stdc++ statically instead we use LoadFile.
I've trying to make Xalan-C 1.1 also written in C++ with
Apache 1.3.17.
Did you know if the on Linux (Redhat) use the same
strategy (and so need the same correction) ?
Also Xalan-C 1.1 is linked with lpthread which make Apache 1.3.17
SIGSEGV at startup. Any patch around or did I have, as recommanded
Rasmus Lerdorf (php) :
I think you are hitting the known glibc-2.1.x bug which rears its ugly
head when you have an executable which is not linked against libpthreads
which does a dlopen() on a shared library which is linked against
libpthreads. If you simply link your httpd against libpthreads it should
sort itself out. ie. LIBS=-lpthreads
>> when apache loads the file it registers a cleanup routine.
>> this cleanup happens before exit. when exit is called the
>atexit routine (
>> which is now unloaded) gets called. bang!"
>> Does he need to write LoadLibrary() so his module just never
>unloads, or am I missing
>> some trick he can do?
>Chuck Murcko
>Topsail Group

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