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From Peter Moore <>
Subject Re: Rolling tomorrow, conditionally.
Date Sat, 10 Feb 2001 03:16:05 GMT
>Yup. You grab the STATUS file, look in there to see (for example) "2.0.7 was
>released as beta1" and you fetch by that tag. 2.0.0 thru 2.0.6 could be
>noted as unreleased or not even noted :-)

Cool. i'll check that a lot more than i have been.
>We have ample mechanisms to describe the quality of specific tags, and to
>record what was released, when. All that info does not have to go into each
>In fact, I would state that it is *preferable* to not encode the date or the
>quality in the tag. 

Totally agree.

>I can write an automated script to do a comparison
>between APACHE_2_0_1 and APACHE_2_0_2. If you put a date in there, then I'm
>screwed. I have to know the dates of each of those releases, and append that
>date onto the tag name. Coming back later and appending quality labels to
>the tag doesn't help either.

Release numbers are sufficient and preferable.

>Humans can use STATUS to get their data. Computers can use the tag if it has
>a rigorous, simple format.


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