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From dean gaudet <>
Subject make distclean
Date Sat, 06 Jan 2001 21:06:53 GMT
so after a fresh checkout of httpd-2.0, apr, apr-util i did a "touch
../timestamp".  then i did, ./buildconf, ./configure, and make distclean.

here's the result of "find . -newer ../timestamp -type f":


now i was about to go tweak things to clean up as many of those as i could
figure out... but then i stopped 'cause i'm not sure that "distclean" is
really what i wanted here.

distclean should restore to what a shipped tarball looks like -- and a
shipped tarball may actually include some of these files.  i'm not sure,
but srclib/{pcre,apr,apr-util}/configure for example would be in a shipped
tarball unless we're assuming everyone has autoconf.

so what was the plan?

do any other projects have a "cvsclean" or other target for developers
working from the repository?

(main reason i went to do this was because i wanted a prefork version but
forgot to include it in the configure the first time around and i like to
distclean rather than trust that a reconfigure does the right thing ;)


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