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Subject Re: Error 416: Requested range not satisfiable
Date Sun, 28 Jan 2001 03:36:36 GMT

Hmmmmm....  I got different results just now for the top two.  Here is
what I got with the HEAD of cvs.  When did you get your tree from CVS?

> Range:	Type:		Should:		Apache 2.0 Returns:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> 5-4		Invalid		ignore ranges,	conection close
> 			        return file
I got:						ignore range, return file

> 99999-	file not so big	416 error	ignores ranges, return file
I got:						416 error 
						(although I cleaned this 
						up a bit to use new logic)

> foo		Invalid		ignore ranges,	ignores ranges, return file
> 				return file	(well done)
I got:						ignore ranges, return file

> -99999	file not so big	return partial	ignores ranges, return file
> 				content
I got:						ignore ranges, return file.
						looking into this.

> In this last case, as the ranges overlap zones of the file it should be
> considered as good request, and return a Content-Range: bytes
> 0-foo/(foo+1). Apache simple takes it as an invalid request, as the
> 999999-
> -50-100-10	I'm not sure. IIS takes it as invalid. Apache takes
> 		the first number "-50" and returns Partial Content.

Looking at what 1.3 does in this case now.

Thanks a lot for the breakdown, it is making this easy to debug and
fix.  :-)


Ryan Bloom               
406 29th St.
San Francisco, CA 94131

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